31 March 2010

my bestfriend convocation..

"Congratulations on your success. You took the chance and now your time has come"

congrats to my darling ewa..also my ex rumate..lalink shasha
sudaa grad diaorng..bit jealous..
dat day..bergambar sakan aku..mengalahkn owner yng ambik degree tu..hahaha
again.. enjoy de pitcha okey
congrat syg..you r de best ever rumate that i ever had..may your dream come true my syasya.

congrat my darling ewa..love u damm much..

kami yng chateq..kte si budak kecik tu

we ARE best friends..ewa's family pon.sumenye bit sporting time ajak bergmbar..love them..

now?waiting for my turn..sabar2..

30 March 2010

dinner oh dinner

terengganu NITE..dINNER WITH OUR MB..
this event held on last saturday..
actually time tu..i ta tau nk pkai ape yng suit ngn i..but..just enjoy de pitcha okey guys..hehe
yeah..suda siap..pink kebaya.. girly sikit..

with my friend tia..

insincere smiling..coz at dat material time..my perut sing2 gitu..

nah!!stole de flowers there..buat blik bilik..then..acting like i model..haha

at dat nite...feel little bit heppy..tgok..bayak bunge2 kn..i like!

ni lah resultnye pergi dinner mlm sabtu aritu

p/s: assignment still berlambak..maintain je maen2..hehe

25 March 2010

aku tahu aku lemah

aku wanita yang sangat lemah..selemah lemah makhluk di dunia ini..aku selalu disakiti..jiwaku dihempas, dilempar serakus rakusnya..
aku manusia yang tidak pernah tahu untuk membalas segala kesakitan yang diberikan..
apa aku memang dilahirkan dengan takdir begini?
aku sentiasa berkorban untuk orang lain..tetapi..tiada siapa yang mahu berkorban untukku..
aku sentiasa tercari-cari..dimanakah sialnya aku..

but..even how bad people treat me..i be nice anyway..macam mana teruknya kau buat aku menangis..aku sentiasa memberikan senyuman yang ikhlas..aku xpernah berbohong bila aku menghadiahkan sebuah senyuman..
xpercaya?tgok pic kt bawah ni...nampak ikhlas kn?


i've learned that no matter what happens, or how bad it seems today, life does go on, and it will be better tomorrow..
I've learned that making a living is not the same thing as making a life.
I've learned that life sometimes gives you a second chance.
I've learned that whenever I decide something with an open heart, I usually make the right decision.
I've learned that even when I have pains, I don't have to be one.
I've learned that every day you should reach out and touch someone. People love a warm hug, or just a friendly pat on the back.
I've learned that I still have a lot to learn. I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did,
but people will never forget how you made them feel.”
( maya ANGELO)

p/s: layan lah aku baek2 seperti mana seorng perempuan seperti aku patut dilayan:(

23 March 2010

woman..dont be that cruel..

wahai seorang bernama WANITA..
they are your babies...theye are shaped from your seeds..
when they in ur womb..your voices..ur crying..be their lulallby..

they are waiting to be born..coz they wanna see you..see her mummy...but why..u throw them like a trash..didnt you pity of them?they cry..they coool..they hungry..but..where are you?why u do that?they were not asked to be put on this world. you bring them..

mommy..i love you..
i pray God give you heaven..but why u didnt want me..
daddy splited on you..you cry..i cry too. even though u didnt hear me..but again..
why u didnt want me?.

didnt you ever miss me??
didnt u think that im cute?im innocent..im white..i might be ligthing ur dark life..
didnt you think that?
if u keep raising me up..i might be your savior..didnt u wanna see my smile?
it might be perfect smile as u mummy..i might be pretty women as u mummy?
i might be somebody that u will be proud of..but it just..if u never did to me like this..but u did mummy...
im so sad..even animal do loves their kids..but u never did mummy...
thanks mummy for throwing me like a rabbish..
at least..i know u still assuming me as a THING.u still know that im existed..even just a rubbish..
sO SAD..again!!dont throwing or killing your baby..they are God blessing..
if you dont want a baby...DONT OPEN UR LEGS if you are a girl and if you are a guy KEEP YOUR DICK IN YOUR PANTS!!!

22 March 2010

sekolah oh sekolah..

if org tnye i what is my most wonderful moment..of coz my answer is..my school time...

my School life started when I joined tadika around 1992..then..1993 in primary school..

masa tu..the school meant play, play, and more play Instead of sitting in the classroom and learning something..
time tu..de game yang aku suke main..galah panjang..i forgot already camne nak maen..tp aku still ingat lagi lah..aku sellau je kalah..hehe.

Time sKOLAH rendah..

the best thing is..selalu je dapat nombor satu...sukee...miss that moment heavily.
budak tadika yang comel..sgt tidak menipu.

then..after finished my primary school..i was admitted in a Sekolah Menengah Agama Khairiah..all girls there..quite boring la..i read there from form 1 till 3..time ni..aku ade byak masalah disiplin..skip clazz..olwez...hahahha..still remember how naughty i am at dat time..
then..after finished my PMR, I sifted to school where located sebelah my village..

at 1st, new School was not very pleasure to me. I can remember the first day of my new school. It was boring without any friends! I was thought about my friends and want to back with them. But my mind changed after some days. I found many friends and forgot my pain... still ingat lagi..when this is de 1st time i fall in love...when i was in form 4..being a pure science student helping me to got a big glamor la...time ni paling best n seronak dalam hdup i..there is few male student who admire me..betul..i got my 1st love letter..n i keep it till now.. antara ayat2 jiwang dalam letter tu..

assalamualaikum nurul..
saya nk berkenalan dengan awk..saya dah lama tgok awk..
saya xhensem..tp saya baik..haritu..masa perhimpunan..saya nak tegor awak..tp saya xberani..ni no telifon rumah saya
ada ubi..ada palas..
kalau sudi..sila lah balas
yang benar
cannot mention his name here.

hahaha..kelakar kan

9 years yang lalu..time laku ni..hehehhe

university life...

things changed so faster..being in school..and being in university..is totally different.
.being a law student..make me stress all the time.not as in school time..enjoyed everyday..
but as usual..a girl like me..olwez be cool..n keep rockin..huhu..
but..how faster my life changed.. my school life was the best..is de best..just like..small..sweet..n simple..

sedikit pro ...sudah besar panjang aku ni..

p/s: tuan surat..maaf ye kerana tidak pernah membalas surat awk..hahahaha

21 March 2010

why it is so hard to say "thanks"

today..it was a busy day when i on my way going class..as usual..rushing n berebut2 tuk naek bus..luckily...dpt duduk jugak..as i sat, , then a malay girl standing in front of me holding bunch of books..
bcoz nurul is olwez be nice to everybody..
i offered myself..adik..meh akak tolong pegangkn adik punyer buku..
then she gave me her books..few minutes later..bus stopped..
then..she said to me..kak..my books!..

i gave her books back..surprisingly..she juss passed without saying anything, even a smile..
wondering..where is ur manner girl?
yup..i do it sincerely..it just a simple thing dat i had done for her..
but at least..a simple thanks might be enough 2 show her politeness...her respectnes..
why so hard to say thanks, terima kasih ke..mere smile pon okey..bikin hati aku panas je arini..huhu

*im not a queen or princess dat she shud melutut or say thanks in de most perfect way..im not..but at least..threat me as a human la..ckp la terima kasih...huh..

sometimes..kerana aku ni jnis baek punyer org..
I hold doors for people. Men, women, children, doesn't matter.
It's the polite thing to do.
But why is it so goddamn hard for people to open their mouth to just utter a simple "thanks"?..
i have no idea..sopan lah skit wahai manusia...huh

i figure if i am there and i have the door in my hand..it is only right for me to step aside n hold it whoever is waiting to come in..handing it off is ok too..
but i prefer to just hold it..
but at least..say la thanks..give your respectfulness sikit..

if someone did something for me..i olwez say thanks..at least..dat fella feel di appreciated la skit kn..it is so easy right?
honestly..I was raised to say thank-you, you're welcome, pardon (or excuse) me, "may I" instead of "can I" (where appropriate) -- and still address most people as sir or ma'am..in order to show my respectfulness....mudah je kan..

i still remember precisely last month when i had a woman hold a door open for me after her kids went through and she probably thought I acted strange just because I was so surprised.
I walked through and in turn opened the next door for her and her 3 small kids...
so..dis is de way i thanks to her..god bless her heart..hehehe
What I hate and I mean HATE, is when someone is behind me and I hold the door open stretching my arm for them to take control of it only to have them walk fully through next to me without even touching the door like I'm their butler.hateeeeeee..

be a polite one..saying thanks is it not that hard..okay?

mak saya sangat marah if org bagi sesuatu kt kite..then..saya mengambilnye using my left hand..significant nye ngn post ni??korang fikirla sendiri..

20 March 2010

i hate when u said that girl

someone said to me a few recent days ago..

Nurul..kenapa awak suka pkai cantik2 pergi claz?nape awak klu jalan..mesti nk jalan berlenggang lenggang..awak ni suke org tengok n pandang awak kan..

Ya Allah..i feel so touched with that statement..im not like that...how could she said like dat to me?
i never wear something for attention..i just wanna satisfy myself..dazziz..
im not type of girl which like to be "liked" or "wanted" by other guys..sumpah i tak...

perhaps..u guys think dat i will probably post this and say im not like that, .but deep down inside, i know its true. i dunt care what u guys wanna judging me..but swear..i never dress for attention..i juss be myself..

the fact that i jalan berlenggang lenggang pon..nak dijadikan isu ke?it is wrong?i just an ordinary girl..dats my nature..jalan berlenggang lenggang..if u dont like it..dont watching me while i walking okey..please..dont said to me like dat again..i never meant to attract any boys or what with the way i dress up or walked in front of others..

p/s: i just wanna correct that thing...if u read this..hope u know how to talk nicely to me..next time perhaps

stop disturbing me..

Recently, i got many telephone calls from strangers..i dunno why..i have no idea from where they get my number..but..it is so damm annoying me...hate it..

i just wondering..why some of them sangat"x reti bhase" coz each time they make a call..i dint answered it..but they keep calling me...till i felt like..i dunt have privacy of life anymore..

i dont care if there is someone out there like or love me..coz i cant do nothing to stop it..plus..i always appreciated that..i know dat im not dat adorable so that all man like me..no.. im not..but i know..mybe some of them..like or love me..i do cherished it..really i do..

but please..dunt keep disturbing me..keep calling me ..n messaging me with the annoying form of text..i really dunt have time for a fuss things like that..im not dat arrogant or Bajet Bagus punyer perempuan..i juss want my privacy back..

P/s: do i need to change my phone number?oh no...i really have no ideas

06 March 2010

olwez be proud of who u are!

*Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.*
Dr. Seuss
i do believe of that quote..
olwez be who u are..

if ppl asking me am i from terengganu?
i proudly said yess i am
*i dunt care if they said i am kampung gurl or wut..but im so proud of my land..

if ppl asking me..are u a student?are u study in local university?
i proudly answered dat..yes..i am a student..im taking law..i am so proud be a law student..and i love my university damm much

if ppl asking me are u mix?
i am..my dad is chinese..my mom is malay..
i proud be their children..
i am so proud i wus originated from diff culture of family

if ppl asking me am i ever though that im perfect?
yess i am..
i know i can be perfect someday even not today..i olwez inspired myself that, today i might be a weaker..a loser..but..who knows?one day..im standing as a most perfect women in diz whole world?

if ppl asking me..are u pretty?
yess..im am pretty..i am owesome pretty woman..
i pretty inside n outside..
i proud 2 be me..it make me appearing extremely confident in front of others..
i am thanks to God for created me in the most perfect n beautiful ways..

i olwez proud of what i am..
it is not the matter of show off or arrogant..
is about myself..is about how a appreciating my life.
i olwez tell myself that..
i am special..very special..i wanna be special

my advise for u guys..
Whoever you are, wherever you may end up, always be proud of who you are and what you stand for...even when it seems impossible to do so.
Don't worry about what others are saying, follow your heart and do what you feel is the best for YOU.
Try not to be defensive for things which you believe in and just know that no matter what,
you are who you are,
for reasons others may never understand and most likely can not.

p/s: Live your life according to your own rules and remember to live while you still can.ok?
rite now struggling for contract law test day after tomorrow..benci2...


01 March 2010

today is not de rite day for me

life is sucks..

today..got many shit things happened..

why?..i dunno..
im little bit emo today..HATE IT..

my honey..plzz dont mad at me k..i knew dat im annoyed u juz now..so sowwy...huhu

I'm sorry, but I may rant a little...I been called mean, emo, and a bunch of other names today and I don't know why...
i hope u could understand me..

im lil bit depressed today..i got a bad dream last nite.
*im cried bcoz of dat dream actually..seems real honey..

plus...i got many task to do..sorry..
so..im not in rite mood honey..

actually..im still not okay..im not okay even i said dat im ok..

u know wut honey...

I just can't take it anymore dear..i feel like everyone seems to make fuckin fun of me..

I just can't stop crying though. I feel awful.

I can't even sleep.
I just don't know what to do.

you are rite honey.. I'm weak

I'm sorry I'm being negitive.
And I'm sorry I'm writing this.

But I need to express myself and this was the only way I could think of.
Once again I'm sorry...I'm just a horrible person who has to cry everytime i got the problems..
I'm sorry.

what i want rite now is..

i want u so badly to accompny me...

for d rest of my life..

i miss u honey..

and i want u near me..

p/s: aku merase sgt2 emo nih..izziz SYMPTON2 of insanity? tuan doctor..help me..i nid treatment..MY PRIVATE DOCTOR!HUHU

he love me or not?

rite now
im wondering
does he relly love me
how should i know if he does
yess..doubting love is not so good..
but..im am going 2 give a try..
who knows dat he relly love me aite.

does i do love him too??
Now, in order to find out if i do luv him or not, the basic place to start would be to ask myself, do i want to be with him?
If the answer to that question is no, then it really can’t be love.
coz When i love someone, i want to be with him.
Not just be with him, but share everything with him. if i have a great day at campus and want to rush home and tell him every wonderful thing that has happened, mean dat..i do luv him.

hope he knows that..