17 September 2011

Jom join contest by MayyStudio to win free photography session during your wedding

When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible

Perkahwinan tu perkara yang mulia dan best..
so jom kawen..

Actually nurul nak promote contest yang dianjurkan oleh kawan nurul aka photographer yg selalu bekerjasama ngn nurul jugak dulu..
hadiahnyee sangattt lumayann nyum nyum..

'so kepada pasangan2 yang akan and terasa nak berkawenn pada tahun 2012..why not try nasib korang kn...just email ur candid photo with your partner..anykind of photo asalkan candid..okey??

MAYY.STUDiO is a 3 months old group of photographer and designer with lots of experience. view the album to believe. we received lots of support from friends and former clients. this is how to show our appreciation. a free give away in a form of Contest!!!!!!!!

Best Candid of you and partner
*candid only

price:we cover your solemnization and reception worth of RM1000 FREE of CHARGE!!!

terms and condition.
1. open for those who will get married in 2012
2. winner based on the most like.
3. due date to submit the photo is on 18th october 2011
4. the contest will last until the 30 november 2011
5. the admin have the right to disqualify any contestant who goes again the law.
6. Open for those in Malaysia only.

hot to enter:
1. email ur photo to info@mayystudio.com

2. state the detail: you and your partner name + why you deserve to win
3. we will upload the photos on the wall
4. promote your link
5. and get the most like.
6. simple and as easy as that!!!

selamat menyertai contest ini..sebarang pertanyaan bleh tanye disini or emailkan terus kat info@myaystudio.com..

p/s: wedges tu adalah my fav ..susah payah edit hahaha..

thanks everybody..


+double Z+ said...

alamak..available untuk 2012 je ek?sayang nye..hehe

SoLy SoLicious said...

kalo xnak kwin lg cner?

Mek Onie said...

waduh,dok dang dok dang ...

miss u kak :D

Wawa Amran said...

Rase nk join tp partner keje offshore, kami xde gambar berdua.. Sedih =(

Izzul Amir said...

huuu ruginyerr
cool gila prize diaa :)

Ieqahgajah said...

alaaa..ntah bilaaa la ieqah nk tawen..huhu

Anonymous said...

Yeayyyy , thanks sbb comment entry kitaa <3

pAri-ParI tErbAng tiNgGi said...

adoi...sy single g..

keyna said...

Bende ni tak semestinye nak kene ade blog kn? kn?

Anonymous said...

tetibe rase nak kawen...muehehehe ;D

Nurulbadiah Lai said...

heheh..anyone can join..xperlu ade blog...anyone okay