02 April 2010

things i hate most about guy

boys..xkire lah my lover..my ex..or my boy friends..
please dunt make me hate you bout this reasons..

i hate when my bf talks bout his past relationship..i dont really give a damn bout it..huhu..wuts the point nak cerita yng lepas2 kn..plus2, ckp lak..gf sy dulu lembut..gf sy dulu jnis xcepat marah..gf sy dulu bla..bla..wei..stop it ok..i mmg reject awal2 if my boy mcm ni..

i hate when a guy is horny then talk dirty things with me..this is most yng aku pling xsuke..spesis pling aku benci..boys..if u horny ke..sangap ke..then..go n masturbate la..jgn nk susahkn pompuan la..haih..

i hate when my boy..or lelaki mane2 lah..flirt with others girls in front of me..kan awek dah ade gf..nape lak nk flirt2 org len..if mcm ni kn..aku kdang2 rasa mcm nk angkat jari tengah je tunjuk kt die..bia reti bahasa skit..

ni khas tuk sape2 jdik bf aku..i sgt2 hate when my bf get mad on me for the smallest things..contoh aku kuar xsempat ckp ke ape..ala..tu kn mnde kecik,..xyah kecoh2 la..kan2?

ni tuk sape2 yng bergelar ex..

i hate when he's jerk n cheated on me..
i hate when i give him 2nd chance n he still fucked it up..
i hate when he heppy when he should be suffering..lol..

p/s~im taken olredy..hehehe


crywolf said...

cools of the hatred.. ^^
all those was jerky disgusting..but..
hell yeah..live the life of own..

Fakhrur Razi said...

hak3 cmner la kalau dh kawen nnti

fakhruddin said...

haha. mesej tok si dia r ni?

Anonymous said...

men use ladies picture to masturbate..
conclusion is, ladies still involve in men life :D