20 March 2010

i hate when u said that girl

someone said to me a few recent days ago..

Nurul..kenapa awak suka pkai cantik2 pergi claz?nape awak klu jalan..mesti nk jalan berlenggang lenggang..awak ni suke org tengok n pandang awak kan..

Ya Allah..i feel so touched with that statement..im not like that...how could she said like dat to me?
i never wear something for attention..i just wanna satisfy myself..dazziz..
im not type of girl which like to be "liked" or "wanted" by other guys..sumpah i tak...

perhaps..u guys think dat i will probably post this and say im not like that, .but deep down inside, i know its true. i dunt care what u guys wanna judging me..but swear..i never dress for attention..i juss be myself..

the fact that i jalan berlenggang lenggang pon..nak dijadikan isu ke?it is wrong?i just an ordinary girl..dats my nature..jalan berlenggang lenggang..if u dont like it..dont watching me while i walking okey..please..dont said to me like dat again..i never meant to attract any boys or what with the way i dress up or walked in front of others..

p/s: i just wanna correct that thing...if u read this..hope u know how to talk nicely to me..next time perhaps


Nabiel said...

sumtimes ade owg tuh x buley tgk kte sng kan?
ade jek nak di complain nye~
sabo jelahh~

Nurulbadiah lai Mohd Ramli Lai said...

xkesah la nk complain pon..
klu ihklas..
nk complain yng menyakitkan hati..tu yng geram tu

FiesyaaChacha said...

it was so nice for being pretty and clean.. ta salah.. even Allah suka yg canteq kan.. ignore what people say, just be yourself. :)
ouh btw, just followed you. welcome to blogging world :)

AM SYA said...

ishh...sape yg brani ckp rumate sya2 cmtu?!!

juz ign0re her k dear nurul

juz be urself

as long as u comfortable with it

sebok je minah tu nk ckp cmtu...

mcmla mtk dwet dier nk pkai santek2!

sbr nurul eh

*hug & kisses*

cik^ungu said...

sies ly so rude that person...huh.. ramai org dlm dunia ni susah bila tgk org sng, n sng bila tgk org susah.... juz ignore those people ok, as long as we don't disturb their life, rite ;)