23 March 2010

woman..dont be that cruel..

wahai seorang bernama WANITA..
they are your babies...theye are shaped from your seeds..
when they in ur womb..your voices..ur crying..be their lulallby..

they are waiting to be born..coz they wanna see you..see her mummy...but why..u throw them like a trash..didnt you pity of them?they cry..they coool..they hungry..but..where are you?why u do that?they were not asked to be put on this world. you bring them..

mommy..i love you..
i pray God give you heaven..but why u didnt want me..
daddy splited on you..you cry..i cry too. even though u didnt hear me..but again..
why u didnt want me?.

didnt you ever miss me??
didnt u think that im cute?im innocent..im white..i might be ligthing ur dark life..
didnt you think that?
if u keep raising me up..i might be your savior..didnt u wanna see my smile?
it might be perfect smile as u mummy..i might be pretty women as u mummy?
i might be somebody that u will be proud of..but it just..if u never did to me like this..but u did mummy...
im so sad..even animal do loves their kids..but u never did mummy...
thanks mummy for throwing me like a rabbish..
at least..i know u still assuming me as a THING.u still know that im existed..even just a rubbish..
sO SAD..again!!dont throwing or killing your baby..they are God blessing..
if you dont want a baby...DONT OPEN UR LEGS if you are a girl and if you are a guy KEEP YOUR DICK IN YOUR PANTS!!!


Mariella said...

i hate stupid irresponsible women of today...

i agree with you, kalau tak bersedia lagi...sila lah pakai condom!!! (sorry, bukan niat lucah but geram...)

kepada lelaki plak - berani buat, kene lah berani tanggung. NO BALLS!!

Nurulbadiah lai Mohd Ramli Lai said...

marialle~yup..totally..klu xnk ank tu..baek pergi gugur awal2 daripada die dah lahir..dah bernyawa..pergi bunuh or buang...

klu nk sgt buat sex..play save ok..


Anonymous said...

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