06 March 2010

olwez be proud of who u are!

*Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.*
Dr. Seuss
i do believe of that quote..
olwez be who u are..

if ppl asking me am i from terengganu?
i proudly said yess i am
*i dunt care if they said i am kampung gurl or wut..but im so proud of my land..

if ppl asking me..are u a student?are u study in local university?
i proudly answered dat..yes..i am a student..im taking law..i am so proud be a law student..and i love my university damm much

if ppl asking me are u mix?
i am..my dad is chinese..my mom is malay..
i proud be their children..
i am so proud i wus originated from diff culture of family

if ppl asking me am i ever though that im perfect?
yess i am..
i know i can be perfect someday even not today..i olwez inspired myself that, today i might be a weaker..a loser..but..who knows?one day..im standing as a most perfect women in diz whole world?

if ppl asking me..are u pretty?
yess..im am pretty..i am owesome pretty woman..
i pretty inside n outside..
i proud 2 be me..it make me appearing extremely confident in front of others..
i am thanks to God for created me in the most perfect n beautiful ways..

i olwez proud of what i am..
it is not the matter of show off or arrogant..
is about myself..is about how a appreciating my life.
i olwez tell myself that..
i am special..very special..i wanna be special

my advise for u guys..
Whoever you are, wherever you may end up, always be proud of who you are and what you stand for...even when it seems impossible to do so.
Don't worry about what others are saying, follow your heart and do what you feel is the best for YOU.
Try not to be defensive for things which you believe in and just know that no matter what,
you are who you are,
for reasons others may never understand and most likely can not.

p/s: Live your life according to your own rules and remember to live while you still can.ok?
rite now struggling for contract law test day after tomorrow..benci2...



AM SYA said...

I pr0ud to be myself~ =)

Bob Merley said...

saya pon proud jugak!