01 March 2010

today is not de rite day for me

life is sucks..

today..got many shit things happened..

why?..i dunno..
im little bit emo today..HATE IT..

my honey..plzz dont mad at me k..i knew dat im annoyed u juz now..so sowwy...huhu

I'm sorry, but I may rant a little...I been called mean, emo, and a bunch of other names today and I don't know why...
i hope u could understand me..

im lil bit depressed today..i got a bad dream last nite.
*im cried bcoz of dat dream actually..seems real honey..

plus...i got many task to do..sorry..
so..im not in rite mood honey..

actually..im still not okay..im not okay even i said dat im ok..

u know wut honey...

I just can't take it anymore dear..i feel like everyone seems to make fuckin fun of me..

I just can't stop crying though. I feel awful.

I can't even sleep.
I just don't know what to do.

you are rite honey.. I'm weak

I'm sorry I'm being negitive.
And I'm sorry I'm writing this.

But I need to express myself and this was the only way I could think of.
Once again I'm sorry...I'm just a horrible person who has to cry everytime i got the problems..
I'm sorry.

what i want rite now is..

i want u so badly to accompny me...

for d rest of my life..

i miss u honey..

and i want u near me..

p/s: aku merase sgt2 emo nih..izziz SYMPTON2 of insanity? tuan doctor..help me..i nid treatment..MY PRIVATE DOCTOR!HUHU


AM SYA said...

kamo0 pms ke syg??

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