21 March 2010

why it is so hard to say "thanks"

today..it was a busy day when i on my way going class..as usual..rushing n berebut2 tuk naek bus..luckily...dpt duduk jugak..as i sat, , then a malay girl standing in front of me holding bunch of books..
bcoz nurul is olwez be nice to everybody..
i offered myself..adik..meh akak tolong pegangkn adik punyer buku..
then she gave me her books..few minutes later..bus stopped..
then..she said to me..kak..my books!..

i gave her books back..surprisingly..she juss passed without saying anything, even a smile..
wondering..where is ur manner girl?
yup..i do it sincerely..it just a simple thing dat i had done for her..
but at least..a simple thanks might be enough 2 show her politeness...her respectnes..
why so hard to say thanks, terima kasih ke..mere smile pon okey..bikin hati aku panas je arini..huhu

*im not a queen or princess dat she shud melutut or say thanks in de most perfect way..im not..but at least..threat me as a human la..ckp la terima kasih...huh..

sometimes..kerana aku ni jnis baek punyer org..
I hold doors for people. Men, women, children, doesn't matter.
It's the polite thing to do.
But why is it so goddamn hard for people to open their mouth to just utter a simple "thanks"?..
i have no idea..sopan lah skit wahai manusia...huh

i figure if i am there and i have the door in my hand..it is only right for me to step aside n hold it whoever is waiting to come in..handing it off is ok too..
but i prefer to just hold it..
but at least..say la thanks..give your respectfulness sikit..

if someone did something for me..i olwez say thanks..at least..dat fella feel di appreciated la skit kn..it is so easy right?
honestly..I was raised to say thank-you, you're welcome, pardon (or excuse) me, "may I" instead of "can I" (where appropriate) -- and still address most people as sir or ma'am..in order to show my respectfulness....mudah je kan..

i still remember precisely last month when i had a woman hold a door open for me after her kids went through and she probably thought I acted strange just because I was so surprised.
I walked through and in turn opened the next door for her and her 3 small kids...
so..dis is de way i thanks to her..god bless her heart..hehehe
What I hate and I mean HATE, is when someone is behind me and I hold the door open stretching my arm for them to take control of it only to have them walk fully through next to me without even touching the door like I'm their butler.hateeeeeee..

be a polite one..saying thanks is it not that hard..okay?

mak saya sangat marah if org bagi sesuatu kt kite..then..saya mengambilnye using my left hand..significant nye ngn post ni??korang fikirla sendiri..


FiesyaaChacha said...

it's okayh my dear. Allah will always reward you :)

Nurulbadiah lai Mohd Ramli Lai said...

hope so..insyallah

Mr-Zam said...

hye sweet fren.. blogdiving here :) wishing u alwys in gud condition ;)