20 March 2010

stop disturbing me..

Recently, i got many telephone calls from strangers..i dunno why..i have no idea from where they get my number..but..it is so damm annoying me...hate it..

i just wondering..why some of them sangat"x reti bhase" coz each time they make a call..i dint answered it..but they keep calling me...till i felt like..i dunt have privacy of life anymore..

i dont care if there is someone out there like or love me..coz i cant do nothing to stop it..plus..i always appreciated that..i know dat im not dat adorable so that all man like me..no.. im not..but i know..mybe some of them..like or love me..i do cherished it..really i do..

but please..dunt keep disturbing me..keep calling me ..n messaging me with the annoying form of text..i really dunt have time for a fuss things like that..im not dat arrogant or Bajet Bagus punyer perempuan..i juss want my privacy back..

P/s: do i need to change my phone number?oh no...i really have no ideas

1 comment:

crywolf said...

xperlu tukar kot...dun let those stranger effect ur life setting...
btol kan...^^