09 February 2010

~~being a poor doesnt mean u cant be a rich later~~

You, and you alone, are responsible for where you are today.

I write diz ..based on my true life story..based on my sad experienced..juz 2 share wif you all sume..okey?

No money..sometimes..no food to eat..no shoppin…sometimes..juz watchin jeleslly watchin fwens buy this n this..when I want something..i shud worked hard to get dat…life…not evrytime wonderful as I olwez imagined..it juss like a fairy tale..sad..but its true..

As I grow up. b an educated person..i realized dat..There are many stories about people who worked hard and gave it their all, and eventually became successful because of it. n I want 2 be one of them..insyallah..

I cant deny dat..i want to b a rich people..i olwez dreaming..in fact..i am so jelezz when I see people outside there..get wat they want so easy..but me..i hve to worked hard for it..but mom olwez tell me..If you wait around for wealth to find you, you'll never be a success; but if you start working now, and view poverty as an asset instead of a liability, nothing can stop you from achieving all your goals.*mom n dad olwez said to me dat..knowledge is important..never regret for wat u hve rite now..juss b thankful…be humble…be nice..*mak..trima kasih…

Then..y we mus regret if we r not so lucky as others??There are people who olwez make an excuse dat they are born poor that is why there is no way for them to become successful or become wealthy. Thinking precisely that way is already a failure.. If you always think of poverty, you will soon have it. That is how powerful our minds are.

What we are thinking today, are the things will happen tomorrow. Just imagine of the things that we see everyday. If you focus your thoughts on being poor, the odds are that you will remain poor; but if you focus your thoughts on being rich, you can start taking steps to make the wealth you've been dreaming about a reality.so..gambate~~!!!as I do rite now~!

~~~alot of people say am humble, but know nothing about giveness......~~~



Anonymous said...

the title so interesting.. ^_^ and, its true... just like me, from a childhood, always dream to be rich... until now, sometimes i want be a rich person but when think it backward, i'm the luckiest person actually... ^_^
i have a dream to change my family life,but i dunno,im too addicted with online game... blaja kemana, asyik maen game je..yumi x genius pn.. tp x leh nk blaja bersungguh2 sbb (im boy XD) ... but, i like one phrases " if we dont have a talent, try to create one" (sory2 yumi ngarot sikit memalam bute,,, pape pn, try ur best sis ^_^ (ayumi)

Jannah K said...

saya sangat adore you lah akak Nurul !! you're so determined..and I wanna be like you, strong !