20 February 2010

it is disgusting u know?

"The woman asked to be raped because how she was dressed."

this is one of my boy friends statement..he used 2 asked me..
y women nowdays so obsessing to wearin something which is hot n too sexyy..
seem they are looking for men attention..*disgusting aite?it is like u sell ur body for money..different term..but similar meaning.. then..when sumtim bad happened..man all 2 b blame..

urmmm...what shud i say ya...

as a women..i know dat Women are allowed to wear what they choose. what they comfy to.
but..if it is too sexy..i dunt think dat it is good..
i admit dat..im not dat good too..but..proudly says dat..
i know how 2 dress well..i know how 2 dress properly..
sometimes.. i feel so ashamed, disgusting, wif some of my species..which is arrogantly shows their body 2 public..
omg!where is ur mind gurls?

when i see a lot of these women on the street and they are wearing miniskirts!
their legs are being shown to the world. and sometimes tight stockings. and sometimes wearing shirt dat show half of their hotti breast..
i wondering.. why are these women acting like this?
are they sex addicts?*i think they are..im rude?wuteve..

yess..ppl have no right to assume that mini skirts and t shirts are signs of disgusting women when you don't even know them. If someone was to judge you by your dress code and
got your personality all wrong, it is not fair..i knew it.. but..wearing sumtim which is..exhibit ur body like ur breast.. or u pretty legs..it is not good gurl!
coz.. when u walking on d street...my evil mind will surely thot dat..
They may or may not be prostitutes!!!.*dunt blame me for diz statement.. it is juz my expectation..not u..ok..

so gurls..moral of d story....plzz dress modestly..properly..especially..if u are a muslim..
You have to respect yourself first, then other will respect you. *And the ones who don't, kick their ass to the curb and move on.hahaha

btw..proudly tell u dat...fyi i dont wear miniskirts.*siyesss coz i dont wanna overexpose &
exhibit every inch of my body and i have dignity.
There's a saying.
Something displayed infront of people's eyes is valueless. Something hidden is treasure.am i rite??

p/s: i dont dress for attention..


AM SYA said...

Something displayed infront of people's eyes is valueless...

nice n3 syg~

str0ngly agree wif ur statement =)

aku lah aku k.. said...

cessss. dri sndiri pon mmakai agk xbtol... sorry to say.. sblm nk bg cramah kna tgok dri sdiri dlu.. ap beza yg pkai mini skirt n freehair?
sama2 dedah aurat kan...
so, kalau mcm tu same la dgn ko....
freehair jgak kn.. on n off...
xmalu ke muslim mcm ni??????
hmmmmmmmmmm dunia da nk kiamat...

take dis as advis...
bkn nk mgutuk...
tp sbg pgajarn...
utk diri sy n juga smua mnusia yg bnama muslim..

Zya Amalis said...

it is okay for me too drop my comment here? hahaha sengal, nk komen, komen jer laa kan akak...dsempat ag nk men2x...

erm agreed, dress code never expose ur real attitude...pe aku ckp ni..mcm mengarut jer,tp, seyesly, agreed wif ur statement dat dress doesnt shown who we really are, tp lau dah pakai dedah bagai kompem2x laa mmg jenis &*())__%^&&**, so pikir sendiri laa kan kak..iye dak? hehehe