24 February 2010

God..i feel so lonely tonite..

i've been feeling lonely quite often lately :(
i feel abandoned..huhuhu.after i pray..still im not cured enuf..Ya Allah..plz gve me some peace..my heart is broken..i dunno wat shud i pray...i relly dunno..but im so lonely..i dunno wat im searching for..*im craying..

someone..plz talk 2 me.. i feel real empty feeling inside and even if people are around me.., it doesnt make any difference..huhu..What a big fucked up world this is. Often I wish I were a kid again where friendships could be started over a new toy or video game, or even on a jungle gym. Now the world feels fake, like everyones wearing a mask. Its as if no one is real anymore...*hate it much222..

I hate life*for diz moment..
dat empty feeling inside is haunting, like i have died inside..omg!
p/s: im lonely wanna die..yesss i am..anybody..accompny me plzz


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