05 February 2010

Its my birthday

its 23th january..sharp 12 am..then..happy besday to me!oh God..sgt heppynye..
i juzz celebrated my besday wif my beloved one kt KFC..with a piece of cake..but i am so happy...

*so delicious..i swear!
thanks honey for d besday party..heheh..Just wanted to thank you again for d cake.for d gift..sgt2 gmbira~~. but I'm certainly glad you did! What a nice surprise... but im still young..even when my brothers told me dat..kak long dah tue~huwaa..yup2..i get more older..but no worriess..coz i look younger thn my age.I almost don't mind getting another year older. .hehehe.. jeng..jeng..hadiahh yng sy dpt..thnks2222222..

*OMG! sukenyer...

*OMG!OMG!OMG!Wut a nice surprise..sgt cantik d tgn sy kan??

im not trying to show off okey..but i relly did it!hahaha...hoping dat i can b a better person..DEAR GOD..pless bless me olwez..

thnks mom n dad for raising me up..thnkss..Thanks mom didn't have an abortion,
Or my birthday wouldn't be on 23th....*MOM..love u damm much!

I wish dat..for all people dat i luv in my life will care about me as much as I do. Happy birthday to me..

~~My smile tells evrything~~

*credited to KAY N MATHA*friends of mine

opppss..btw..im still waitin for bezday gift from my very2 special bestfwen...i cant wait..




AM SYA said...

cnteknye wallet!!suker!! =)

Nurulbadiah Lai said...

hhehe..jgn jelezz

Bino ^^ said...

eh..itu sama mcm jam besday yang saya baru dapat....waaaa...!!!

zalizalu said...

gila rajin mencari entry untuk dikomen.. :P jam tu.. jam rado... T_T fyi, i minat jam ("\(^_^)/")

Anonymous said...

hye sis..sy bru je blogwalking kt blog u sis,sian kt u..ade anon yg u always siad bad things about u..btw..ur burthday 23 januari ke>?lau ye..sme ngn sy..hehe..btw,be strong k

Jannah K said...

Happy Birthday akak Nurul ! may Allah bless you akak yang cantik... best dapat hadiah yang gempak2 tuh =)2ndpost-done !

Anonymous said...

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