18 February 2010

please!plzzzz..dunt disappear from my life..

iz might be annoying for u oll.coz touch bout love..again..*sigh. but..like i care!

i juzz wrote diz..so dat someone dat i love read it..n realize dat..how much i need him..so...I figured I would talk a little about my honey. It actually is probably more of a rant to be totally honest..
I olwez told myself not to fall for him, but I did.
I told myself not to fall any harder, but I did. I told myself not to get too attached, but I did..rite now??im hurting myself by lovin him..huhuhu..*im so sad

my dearest honey..*u know who u are
i hope u know dat..I love you with all my heart. My love 2 u is real and it is more than you think.
u come into my life and make me feel special.*thanks my love..
I thank God everyday for you being in my life. I don’t know what I did to deserve this, besides pray for you to come. *alhamdulilah....

my dearest honey..
I wanted to tell you how much you mean to me. You inspire me to be a better woman...thnks dear..
I needed 2 tell you dat u make my heart smile. u give me so much laughter and reasons to walk with pride.
In diz world, where everything is chaotic, u give me a resting place.
*u know wut u hve done for me..thnks..even it is juz a comman things..but..i do appreciated it..even juz a teliphone call when i nid sumone 2 talk..

my dearest honey..
im sorry i havent stopped loving u..
i know i've hurt u..but wut can i do?
i love u..relly i do..That the truth might kill me, but me n you deserve to know.
i love u damm much..
i wanna b wif u..OMG!
wut shud i do..

but honeyy...

i wanna be yours..but im afraid i cant..
I'm sorry if I'm not pretty enough to be "your girl".
I'm sorry that im different from those other girls..
but still...i love u fuckin damm much!

if we r together..i promise u..I will be better 4 you. I'll be the most understandable and supportive women that you deserve..insyallah k honey?
if we r not mean to b together..i still feel grateful..still..u olwez in my mind...coz u know..i olwez told u dat
u are my evrything...

Thank you for being the man that you are. Thank you for being accountable,loving, affectionate, and just plain good to me.
I love you so much...

Font sizeurmmmm

I love you more than my life.


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Zya Amalis said...

Im touched... dis supposedly to be my writing too..quite same...:(