13 February 2010

is okey if u dont miss me anymore

I had missed u so badly today..I just want to sit in front of u and talk, talk and talk..
I hate myself on loving u but I used to love u lots.
even if u dont love me anymore.., but my praying are always there for you…
the thing I can definitely promise, I shall never be able to forget you………..

i just a stranger..i know


AM SYA said...
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AM SYA said...

anything wr0ng dear?

wuts g0in 0n?

jgn sedeh2 eh~

k0nvo ni sya2 dtg jmp nurul taw =)

Zya Amalis said...

just be strong inside n outside..btw akak dah ade tunang kan...will owez pray 4 u...muahh