09 February 2010

My Red High Heels

i love red..i love wearing red one.. it make me feel sexy..make me feel great..make me impress.. actually..my best fwen ever asked me 2 listen song of Kellie-Red High Heels_n surprisingly..i luv dat song.much!.*thanks dear
currently, im so addicted with d red colurs..Omg!I BELIEVE dat they make me feel so great..*sy merasa sgt cntik...n for gurls out there..y not u try ur luck.wearing red one..for sure u look more sexy and attractive..hehe

* my red high heel..but not dat red la..more 2 pink..but..i luv it!

*see..even i juss wearing dat bju kurung..but im still look great aite wif dat pretty red high heel?isnt it?
Sexy is how you act, and you're attitude. However how you dress can influence how you feel about yourself and therefore, how you act. Try finding a style you like the look of: one that just feels very YOU.
Don't let others intimidate you! Everyone is beautiful in their own way, but when you don't allow yourself to feel confident, you are hiding your beauty. Hope that helps you! :-)
confidence is everything

p/s: whoever wnt 2 hire me as their personal fashion advisor..juz contact me okey..price?we deal it..later..hahaha


AM SYA said...

nurul!!miss u babe!!

nurul mmg ske sgt kas0t tgi!

Jannah K said...

you've gave me a great motivation sis yang cantik !cayalahhh.. akan pegang ayat ni, confidence is everything !