10 February 2010

I hate that bitch!

i relly hate bitches!!exspecially her*i know u know who u are..

She used to be what I called a friend. We may not have been the BEST of friends, but that’s okay. Nothing’s perfect, right? but..y u betrayed me?? y u hate me for no reason?y u olwez saying bad bout me..y u r so rude..u arrogantly 4 nothin..

I was fuckin mad to say the least. How could u do this to me? Hadn’t we been friends? No one would do this to a friend. And now u r saying that I started this big fight. That I hate u for no reason. People will look down on me without listening to me. To my side of the story.

u r relly like a damm ugly bitch 2 me!! u ar liar and a coward and I can never forgive u. u betrayed me...
u r damm shit!

your racist did your parents teach you any manners, oh wait they didn't cuz you were born in a tenement slum..hahaha..kesian..


AM SYA said...

who's dat bitch?
I'm eager to kn0w~

Nurulbadiah Lai said...

someone..dat i know..u too..hehe

Jannah K said...

yeah....hate that bitch too !! haha =)