09 February 2010

have u ever in love with ur bestfwen?

have u ever feel this..

~When I first knowhim/her, I really didn't like her/him. She/he was always so annoying. But then we got to know each other better and she/he sort of grew on me.
Not very long after I started to get to know her/him, I started to think about her/him romantically. Soon after, we became like brother and sister, always together. And my feelings have done nothing but grown since then...later then..u relized dat u r in luv wif ur bestfwen..

but for me..even i im luv wif my bestfwen..i don't want to say anything in case it negatively impacts our friendship!*i juss said if i..so far im not..

but..i do know dat.....It's extremely hard and I know what you're going through if u r in luv wif ur fwen...
take it easy dude!if u relly luv him..then..tell him/her..but if u r afraid of losing her/him after u tellin diz..then..juz keep it silent.
~~Do you tell them, or do you keep it quiet? The choice is yours.~~

btw..i relly love one of my bestwen..coz he is relly nice to me..but..i luv bxoz of our frienship...


Fina Sophie said...

hi nurul, we're in the same boat. we both in love with our own bestfriend. hehe.. what to do.. :) still lagi ke? ni post bulan september.. ;))

Jannah K said...

yes, I've ever feel like this too dan sgt paham perasaan tuh... kawan akak Nurul tu pun mungkin ada perasaan yang sama jugak kot kak Nurul yang cantik.. =)