05 February 2010

my 1st entry


nurul in da house..cam klakar plak nk start ber bloggin..but coz of some factors dat pushing me so bad..so..i had no choice..unless..start it..

well..actually..i dunno wat shud i write here..bla..bla..bla..typeless..relly i do..
but..hope dat..some of my blog readers
will get some benefits from my superdupper silly blog..hahaha.
neway..for all the visitors.thnks for reading..



Unknown said...

heheheh owhhh ini first entry kamu ea...so now u can proud of ur blog becoz for me ur blog can benefit to readers a lot..

Syarafana ❤ said...

first entry sys nurul comel gilaa :)
But fana rase your blog readers already get the benefits from your superduper silly blog , actually tak silly ponn :)

Jannah K said...

dah jatuh sayang kat akak Nurul yang cantik ! first entry-done ! =)

Hishyamuddin said...

heh3...1st entry kak nurul ya..